Project Description

General Science & Engineering

Haldor Topsoe

Bringing services into the light

The brief

Topsoe, a global designer of chemical plants and oil refineries as well as the world’s leading catalyst producer, wanted new names for nearly 100 engineering-related services spread across several departments under two major business areas.

The swerve

Our debrief proposed creating a whole new taxonomy of services that would eliminate redundancies, ensure that each service could reasonably form a line item on customer orders, make good sense to customers, and help Topsoe start positioning itself as the service company it had long been, but was under-communicating.

The means

Research, consulting, multiple workshops, consolidation down to 40 services, a future-proof naming system and a final taxonomy, including names and descriptors for all services plus several levels of service categories with names.

The outcome

A company that could start working with, talking about and invoicing for a portfolio of services – along with a brand that had taken an important step away from catalyst supplier to engineering services company.

This was a major undertaking, and Swerve saw us through the process. The result was something everyone involved could get behind.

— Esben Rosengaard, XXX

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