Expert marketing services for science and engineering brands.

What we do

Swerve provides market positioning, branding and communication services that help science and engineering companies overcome barriers, navigate change and seize opportunities.

We are known for our clear industry focus, deep expertise and decades of experience helping B2B clients in Denmark and beyond. We are experts in helping clients define and sharpen their desired market position, and then crafting communication that supports that position.  We can translate your technical capabilities into business benefits, and help identify your hidden or underplayed strengths and put these to work for you.

In terms of deliverables, we provide strategic and brand consulting, creative concepts, messaging platforms, and expert copywriting and design services. We also supply photography, 3D rendering, motion graphics and video production and even public-relations work.

We frequently provide interim executive services, including head of branding and head of marketing roles.

Who we work for

Over the years, we’ve worked with nearly all Denmark’s C25 exporters, several Fortune 500 companies, and dozens of Danish SMBs – including startups. Most of our clients work with energy, machinery and equipment, transportation, materials and life sciences.

Our approach

The field of marketing is biased towards mass-market consumer brands. But our clients are different – typically selling costly PP&E and services, often to a small number of customers.

We’ve found that we can serve clients better by sticking to the basics – seeking our ideas and vocabulary in the client’s own field of expertise and in plain common sense. In all our work, we start with a clear picture of the target audience and a deep commitment to strengthening customer relevance.

People and processes

Swerve was founded by Tony Maxwell, a Berkeley PhD (ABD) in literature from Flint, Michigan, who has spent 25 years working with positioning, branding and written communication, mainly for Danish B2B companies.

At Swerve, Tony is responsible for strategic and brand consulting, messaging development and all copywriting. Then we rely on a trusted network of experienced designers, art directors, PR experts, photographers and other senior specialists for design, PR and other work.

Our lean processes, speed, agility and experience make us equally comfortable fitting in to highly structured setups and working agilely with more informal processes. In any situation, our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value.

About our name

The word “swerve” has been around for millennia – always meaning something like “turn aside” or “veer off.”

Our name is drawn from the word’s Latin equivalent, clinamen, as used by the Roman poet Lucretius to explain how atoms move through space.

Instead of following a straight path, Lucretius argued, atoms depart from their expected trajectory in slight and unpredictable clinamina. These swerves, he believed, create new possibilities in the world.

With its links to science and new possibilities, the word “swerve” captures the unique spirit we bring to your projects.

“The way forward for a brand is rarely straight and narrow. Forces work against you. Competitors want to block you. And everywhere, noise threatens to mask your signal – the rare earth you depend on for strength and salience. To move ahead, you often have to swerve.”

Tony Maxwell, Founder and Consultant

Frequently asked questions

Why do you like working with science and engineering companies?2023-10-24T11:43:00+02:00
Because we like complex, difficult subject matter. And because many of these companies are underserved by the marketing industry in Denmark.
Do you work with consumer brands too?2021-04-01T16:02:15+02:00

Sure – we’ve worked with LEGO, Pandora, Bang & Olufsen, Adidas, Ecco… It’s not our main focus, but we’d be happy to discuss your consumer brand with you if you think we might be a good fit.

We’ve already done all the strategy work – we just need someone to execute.2023-10-24T11:39:17+02:00

We’re happy to help with smaller tasks, but most of our clients have benefitted by getting us involved early, helping shape the ideas and strategy that results in communication.

What are your hourly rates? How much is all this going to cost?2023-10-24T11:36:48+02:00

Our hourly rates are competitive with those of comparable service providers. However, our experience and lean setup often enable us to surprise clients with lower-than-average budgets. Call us at 2172 0027 for a chat about your needs and how we can help meet them.

Your website is in English – do you work in Danish too?2021-03-10T16:51:12+01:00

Most of our clients are B2B exporters, so our written work is normally in English. We can do business in Danish, if you like, and we have Danish writers on our team if you need written communication in Danish.

Maybe a match?

If Swerve has sparked your curiosity, we’d love to talk to you.

Call Swerve founder and writer/consultant Tony Maxwell at +45 2172 0027
Contact us by email – tony(at)swerve.dk
For accounting, email office(at)swerve.dk

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1711 Copenhagen V

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